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Left_quotes We decided to use Therapy Now because of the flexibility with our schedule. We have seen a marriage counselor before, but have not been able to find time in our schedules to make appointments. Therapy Now is great because therapists are available even in the evenings. Luba has been extremely helpful in finding the issues we have in our marriage and coming up with creative solutions...
Tim and Brenda from CaliforniaRight_quotes
Left_quotes_white I found out about Therapy Now a month ago. Unfortunately, the first therapist I used did not connect with me, but through the free appointment promotion I decided to give a second therapist a try. She has helped me so much. I love the pricing packages because I lost my job last year and they have made the therapy affordable for me.
Maria from TexasRight_quotes_white
Left_quotes I am recently divorced, and have had major issues with depression with the transition. Even though I have a therapist, I stumbled across Therapy Now one night when I could not sleep and decided to give it a try. Typically, I feel worst after 10pm, and it is great to have someone to talk to when I am feeling the worst. I even got a full nights rest the other night. My therapist knows I am using the service and has said that she is seeing faster improvement and that I should keep doing what is making me feel better.
John from GeorgiaRight_quotes
Left_quotes_white Awesome value for great therapists. I have had some extremely inspiring conversations with Danil.
Susan from New YorkRight_quotes_white
Left_quotes Zannah is amazing. I typically talk to her early in the morning... She is kind and attentive and her positive energy keeps me going all day.
Cindy from FloridaRight_quotes
Left_quotes_white Diane and I were desperate. We started making appointments a few weeks ago and can recommend the service.
Fred and Diane from MichiganRight_quotes_white