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When was the last time you took an hour for your mental well being?

Our emotional health is as important to our quality and quantity of life as our physical health. Many people will typically make time for the gym, but rarely consider the effects of their emotions or stress on their long term health. Emotional distress can have long lasting effects on the people experiencing it, as well as their family and friends. Stress from work can make your relationships suffer. Stress from relationships can influence your careers. The way you feel can affect your eating habits, sleeping habits, and your performance. At Therapy Now, we suggest you take a moment to evaluate how you feel.

Qualified Phone Therapists

Having a qualified therapist to talk to over the phone takes the burden off of friends and family and allows you to open up. Therapy Now offers a phone service that allows you to speak to an experienced therapists when local therapists are unavailable. Imagine being able to speak to a trained and trusted therapist from the comfort of your own home when the help is most needed. Increased comfort and anonymity allow you to discuss your problems more freely, and therefore feel better sooner.

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All of this comes at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional solutions. Consultations are as low as $39.99 per one hour session. Plus, we have numerous experienced therapists to choose from, so you can find a therapist you connect with quickly!

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Fast Service

Getting help is fast and easy! Simply register with our website. Upon registering you will be given access to our therapist profiles and appointment calendars. Simply schedule your appointment, and at the time of your choosing your chosen therapist will call you! Talking to a professional therapist could not be faster, easier, or more simple. We even remind you around your appointment time.

Complete Privacy

Therapy Now's services offer increased anonymity over traditional therapy. You do not even have to leave your own home to use our service! Our therapists are not individuals in your community, city, or state! The distance and anonymity of speaking with your therapist over the phone allows you to feel completely at ease telling the therapist your most intimate details and problems. Beyond that, our therapist and our electronic profiles adhere to the strictest privacy policies, only sharing personal information when required by law or requested by you in writing.

Hassle Free

Therapy Now gives you complete control. There are no insurance companies to deal with, no paperwork, and no hassles. To view your appointment history, upcoming appointments, and purchase history simply log into your account. Give us a try today! Your first consultation is free and we do not require your credit card information during the registration process! Simply fill out the form, schedule your first appointment and you can be talking to a professional therapist today!