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Privacy Plus!

Next Level Privacy Standards

At Therapy Now, we understand your privacy needs and we take it seriously. We follow strict standards to ensure that our clients remain anonymous. In fact, our policy is more strict than those at most hospitals or doctor’s office. We don’t keep digital notes on your sessions, and we never store your credit card information. We don’t share information between therapists or third parties unless we have your written request to do so.

Enjoy complete anonymity

Total privacy is one of the many advantages of using Therapy Now. You are never seen entering or leaving a therapist’s office. And the counselor you speak with is not part of your community. You don’t have to worry about meeting him or her on the street, at a store, or at a party. You even talk with a therapist by phone — so your face is never seen. Nobody you know will ever learn that you are using Therapy Now, unless you tell them, and your relationship with our therapists will always be completely professional.

Choose the therapist that’s right for you

Chemistry between client and therapist is very important. We work with many therapists, so if one is not the right match for you, it’s easy to talk with another of our highly-trained counselors. No information about you is shared between therapists unless you explicitly request it, and no digital notes are kept about you. Switching therapists can be done quickly and easily, simply by booking time with another therapist.